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VIDEO: Hip Intraarticular Steroid Injection Under Fluoroscopy

By Chris Faubel, M.D. —

Left Hip Injection under Fluoroscopy

Video of a left hip intraarticular steroid injection under fluoroscopic guidanceClick the black title link above (if you can’t see the video).

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  1. Hi….This website is very useful.Thanks for sharing the tips.Do post for other intervention radiology procedure ( Biopsy/ drainage catheter..etc..)

  2. Thanks – very helpful. Do you actually hit the bone and pull back slightly?
    How much total volume do you use?

    • Not really. With this injection, you need to “hit the bone”, get the patient to relax the leg by letting it fall in external rotation a bit, and then inject the contrast to confirm intra-articular spread. Don’t pull back at all. I usually use 1 ml of depo-medrol and 3 ml of 1% lidocaine.

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