VIDEO: Hip Intraarticular Steroid Injection Under Fluoroscopy

Left Hip Injection under Fluoroscopy

By Chris Faubel, M.D. —

Left Hip Injection under Fluoroscopy

Video of a left hip intraarticular steroid injection under fluoroscopic guidanceClick the black title link above (if you can’t see the video).


  1. Hi….This website is very useful.Thanks for sharing the tips.Do post for other intervention radiology procedure ( Biopsy/ drainage catheter..etc..)

  2. I just had this procedure done and it was extremely painful!!!
    Is this normal? I did not feel numb when the procedure was started which only took a few minutes.

    • It isn’t common at all to feel extreme pain during the procedure. With that said, after doing 100+ of these, I’ve had maybe 2 patients that were very sensitive to every movement of the needle no matter how much lidocaine was used to numb the area.

    • Not really. With this injection, you need to “hit the bone”, get the patient to relax the leg by letting it fall in external rotation a bit, and then inject the contrast to confirm intra-articular spread. Don’t pull back at all. I usually use 1 ml of depo-medrol and 3 ml of 1% lidocaine.

  3. Hello Christopher Faubel,
    Is there any advantage of lateral approach to intra-articular hip injection over anterior approach. (Image guided)

    • The only advantage is that there is no real chance of coming close to the femoral artery with the lateral approach. I still prefer the anterior approach because it is much easier (straight down), much quicker, and with a quick check of the femoral pulse, just as safe.


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