Procedure Notes for Interventional Pain Management – Samples

More obvious contrast spread up the joint line after injecting the steroid / local anesthetic mixture.

Dozens of links to PDF documents for sample procedure notes (reports) for the most commonly performed interventional pain management procedures.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Facet Steroid Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, Radiofrequency Ablation/Neurotomy

Sacroiliac Joint Injection, Blocks, Radiofrequency Ablation

Peripheral Joints / Bursa / Ligaments

Sympathetic and Other Nerve Blocks

Other Procedures


    • Because of the lack of a true selective nerve root block (scientifically proven to be pretty much impossible) and the risk of spinal cord injury from either particulate steroid injection or just vasospasm from nicking a feeding branch to the spinal arteries, I don’t perform transforaminal ESI in the C-spine; just do interlaminar at C7/T1 or T1/T2.

  1. Hello,
    Can you differentiate the wording for Greater occipital nerve block and a C2 ganglion nerve block?

    I have a doctor that uses the same wording for the two injections. Makes it a little difficult to code.

    Thank you

    • I’m not sure what the doctor means by C2 ganglion nerve block. If he/she is doing a C2 dorsal root ganglion block, that would be billed the same as a cervical transforaminal epidural steroid injection. A greater occipital nerve block is along the back of the skull and should be explained like that in the procedure dictation.


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